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Interior Graphics Installation

Interior Graphics Installation

So, we’re in a meeting with Andy Douse, Managing Director of York based (and award winning) internal communications design agency Red Publications, discussing an internal signage & display project in Durham with one of their clients. They describe the usual brief details, including messaging, brand continuity and campaign goals – and together we all take a walk around their offices. We’re there to help advise Andy and his clients on the best ways to physically print and install new display graphics, wall vinyls and hanging signs, etc.

It’s a reasonable size project, with around 40-50 individual items required for their large offices based over two floors. Okay, no biggie – we’ll send a couple of guys up for two days to install everything, I suggested. “Hmmm…”, the client replies, ‘that might not work – we really want to surprise our staff when they come in to work at 8am on Monday morning, so it’s going to have to be all done on a Sunday whilst they’re not here.” Right – we’ll send four guys then… “Great! Oh, and don’t forget our sister offices down in Suffolk – they’ll need the same too.”  For a brief moment, I felt like Rusty Ryan when Danny Ocean proclaimed he wanted to knock off The Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand, all in one night (and, of course, without getting caught).  Working closely with Andy and his talented team at Red, we carefully project managed the complete process from start to finish, printing and installing over 100 items for both sites as planned on the Sunday, with a couple of hundred staff arriving back into work on the Monday morning, both surprised and delighted to find their offices completely transformed and now full of colour, life and renewed energy. To find out more about Red Publications, visit


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20th November 2017