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Nationwide Advertising Campaign

Nationwide Advertising Campaign

When York based (and Britain’s finest) turf growers, Rolawn Ltd, were offered the opportunity to advertise their branding on the back of a fleet of large haulage wagons, the creative team at Press Green were asked to come up with some ideas and to create the concept for a new advertising campaign which could potentially be rolled out throughout other areas of their marketing. Following discussions on messaging and ideal target audiences, we began to look at the idea of challenging ”Keep OFF the grass!” warning signs, often seen in public gardens. Rolawn’s tagline is ‘Beautiful gardens start here’ and they strongly believe that grass is there to be enjoyed, picnicked on, played on, etc – not just admired from the edges. By visually changing the tone from “Keep OFF…” to say “Keep ON the grass!”, and using a carefully chosen image of a family lying on their lawn with the message ‘Turf as nature intended’, Rolawn are telling their customers that their natural turf is not only beautiful, but also tough enough for everyday family life. Intentionally targeting end-users, Rolawn tell us they have seen an increase in both enquiries and orders from a younger family demographic and have begun to test the advert in areas and on social media, as well as printing mugs and other merchandise for giveaways at shows and exhibitions.


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20th November 2017