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Rafi’s Spicebox Cookbook

Rafi’s Spicebox Cookbook

We’ve worked with the York based Rafi’s Spicebox team for almost 10 years and have helped them develop their brand and voice as well as a wide range of marketing materials. Most recently, we’ve created and printed a whole new family of product packaging, including Curry Kit boxes and new display packaging for their best selling kitchenware products. Brothers Kevin & Lee Fernandez tell us that customers really love the new designs and the shops have commented that their new products look so good, they’re pretty much selling themselves now.  And then there’s the book… This is the Spicebox’s first home-grown cookbook – and we’ve designed it, from cover to cover! Working with award winning photographer, Jim Poyner, this fantastic book is packed full of stunning images and over 80 original recipes. You can find the book in any of the Rafi’s shops or online at for around £20.


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20th November 2017